Weekly Updates

12.03.18 Update

Good Afternoon All,

I am sorry about the day delay on with my email. There's not too much more to go over before heading into finals week and off for winter break, but here is a brief list of reminders.

  • Remember to create a summary of your staff project in your respective team's folder that includes:
    • What you did this semester
    • Why it was done
    • What you'd like to see come of the project going forward (vision)
    • What steps are left to take if it wasn't finished
  • We still have a couple programs/reservations before the semester ends, so if you are scheduled, please remember to be there!
  • Send Mark your Spring 2019 schedule along with any other regularly scheduled commitments you are already aware of.
  • The cottage is available for studying during this time of the semester.
    • Please remember to clean up after yourselves, turn off all lights, and lock all doors
  • Try to schedule one-on-ones with Mark before the semester ends if you have not already done so.
  • If you have any ideas of would like a couple extra hours, reach out to Mark, Carren, or me.
  • Enjoy yourselves over break. We all worked really hard this semester; not just in Four Arrows, but across the board. Take the time to relax and regroup so we're ready to come back and tackle next semester.

Good luck on finals and have a great winter break. If you have any questions at any time between now and the beginning of next semester reach out to Mark, Carren, or me and we should be able to help out.

Happy Holidays and Good Luck!

Mike Mallon

11.27.48 Update

08.29.18 Update


Fall Program Schedule has been updated until 9/9/18 (Click to go) -  Make sure you know when you are scheduled.


Mentor Pairings and Meeting Activities:

Alina & Carren:                     Deinhibitizor              Oct. 8th

Jess & Kunal:                         Icebreaker                 Sep. 24th

Kienan & Christian:              Reflection                  Oct. 22nd

Kevin & Mike:                       Pre-initiative             Nov. 26th

Justin & Bailey:                     Initiative                    Nov. 5th

Drew & Tati:                          Energizer                    Sep. 9th


What’s New:

  • Leads on programs should be reaching out to their groups for the next two weeks of upcoming programs and sharing plans with co-facilitators when done
  • Complete the Participant Intake Form -https://studentactivities.uconn.edu/pif-uconn/ (Can be done during first office hours)

Staff Project Updates:

  • Please review the group folder for your working group during your first office hours (your group is listed later in the email)
  • Please keep the google drive folders organized
  • If you have questions, ask!
  • THIS IS THE SECTION WHERE GROUPS WILL SHARE TASK INFORMATION WITH EACH OTHER (like links to sign up for tabling, offering help with putting down woodchips, etc.)

Don’t Forget:

  • Staff meetings – Mondays 2:45pm – 3:45pm in SU 308 Conference Room
  • Time off requests must be submitted 2 weeks in advance.
  • Mentor Pairs should be meeting at some point in the beginning of the semester. (1 hour paid time)

Shout Outs:

  • To Mike and Carren for already stepping up and doing a fantastic job as coordinators
  • To everybody who worked the indoor program for METAS as you rolled extremely well with the adaptation
  • To the entire staff for putting in all of the necessary energy for a great week before classes!



FA/CPR/AED Training (to those who need it)

Friday, September 21st

3:30pm – 8:30pm

Ellington Cottage



Working Groups:

FIRST MAJOR TASK FOR EACH GROUP – find a time in which all of you can hold a one hour meeting that should be regularly occurring. These meetings should allow for Mike, Carren, or I to join in. We will add those meetings on the calendar.

Office Hours:

  • Minimum of two hours a week. Increases can occur with approval based on work being done. Can count towards work within your office groups but that is not a requirement.
  • Consistency is important but understandably things may need to change, we can be flexible as long as there is open communication (and why the change is needed).
  • Some projects require being out of the office (particularly maintenance) and that is alright as long as that is clearly defined first.
  • Hour are now on our Important Dates calendar on the staff page.
  • You have the option of earning the 2 hours that could have been worked this week in the office at another time. Just communicate when you can fit in those 2 hours.
  • ALSO IF YOU ARE ON MONDAYS (Jess, Kevin, Alina) WE ARE CLOSED FOR LABOR DAY…reschedule a different time with me for next week.


Alina:              Mondays,                   4pm – 6pm

Bailey:            Wednesdays,             1:30pm – 3:30pm

Christian:      Tuesdays,                  9am – 11am

Drew:             Tuesdays,                  12:30pm – 2:30pm

Jess:               Mondays,                   12:30pm – 2:30pm

Justin:            Tuesdays,                  11am – 1pm

Kevin:            Mondays,                   12:30pm – 2:30pm

Kienan:          Thursdays,                 9am – 11am

Kunal:            Wednesdays,            3pm – 5pm

Tati:               Thursdays,                 10am – 12pm


Tasks to complete during your first office hours:


  • First time coming into for work find me or ask Shari at the front desk to be pointed to where the computer options are located. (They are right behind the front desk of 302)
  • Log into accounts, review the new staff folders in the R:/ Drive, look over PowerPoints about logging hours, and submit your hours.
  • Review all the content in the new staff folders
  • Get acquainted with the shared drive local on work computers only
  • Log into the staff section of the website http://fourarrows.uconn.edu/staff-section/  - Password is: Leadership
    • Review the contents of the Four Arrows Google Drive (must use your UConn account)
    • Complete any Post-Program Reporting Forms if not completed yet from last week
    • If time is left in your office hours, look over the Local Operating Procedures again in the Google Drive Folders and begin to get comfortable with the contents of its pages.

Return Staff

  • Finish all post course procedures if not completed yet
    • Reporting Forms
    • Updated Course Plans – updated numbers, correct activities and elements
      • Post program communication with group
    • Get reacquainted with the shared drive and google driver folders as some things have been moved around or renamed
    • Lastly, if time is left in your office hours, look over the Local Operating Procedures again in the Google Drive Folders and begin to get comfortable with the contents of its pages as it is much different than last year and we did not spend that much time on it during training.

Please utilize the Four Arrows Staff Page often as it will contain much of this information