Accommodations and Adaptations

No two of our programs are ever the same. The reason is that each group enters our space with different needs, limitations, and expectations. Our mindset is that spending ample time intentionally customizing prior to arrival of participants adds unprecedented value to the experience.

Our intentions is to provide access to the best of our ability to anybody seeking out an experience with Four Arrows

If you feel that you or your group has a limitation that may stop you from participating in a Four Arrows program, let's have a conversations first to see if we can adapt and accommodate what we can offer.


We adapt our programs fluidly. Our plan is laid our before your arrival but it gets continuously edited as you progress through your experience. Some things that impact our edits include size of group change, temperature of the day, showcased ability (less or more), energy of the group (up or down), reaction to types of activities, degrees of challenge needed (increased or decreased), unshared/shared limitations (injury/medical/prior condition), and many other factors.

Our staff spend many hours in training in order to provide the best experience possible. Here are some of the tools they are taught in relation to accommodations and adaptations:
  • Concepts of Universal Design in relation to educational programming
  • Safety first approach, if it works within safe operating standards then adjust as needed
  • Change how instructions are given to map out an equitable experience
  • Change the rules of activities to best fit the needs of a group
  • Appropriately change the level of difficulty
  • Add or remove props or tools to the overall equation
  • Leverage the environment to better assist the group (change space, edit location, move "furniture", etc.)
  • Every person is unique and their identities, perceptions, and experiences are a part of the process