Mission and Meaning

"Four Arrows' mission is to provide unique, challenging, and adventurous experiential learning programs specifically designed for individuals and groups to accomplish personal and team goals, promote character development, while learning through reflection."


The name, Four Arrows, is a derivation of the Native American "medicine wheel" concept. The medicine wheel is used by numerous Native American tribes to depict the wheel of life, forever turning and carrying teachings to help people to learn more about themselves and others. Each revolution of the wheel brings a new lesson that can guide us on our personal paths. With each step of the journey, whether it is east, south, west, or north, we encounter other experiences that guide us to the next place on the wheel. This is a perfect metaphor for experiential learning, the philosophical base of Four Arrows.

The Green Arrow

The green arrow represents GROWTH, or things that are fresh and new. Each experience will be new for each participant, and therefore carries great potential for learning about one's self or others who go through the experience together.

The Blue Arrow

The blue arrow represents REFLECTION. Just as the sea reflects the blue sky, and the sky reflects the blue sea, no experience is complete without reflection—with participants becoming more self-aware as they reflect upon themselves, help others learn more about each other, and accept feedback from fellow participants.

The Brown Arrow

The brown arrow represents a TURNING POINT, or the end of a cycle. As each outdoor or indoor experience ends, there is a turning point. The goal is for each participant and group to take the learning from the tasks they pursue to complete and apply it to the task laid out before them, then take the learning from their experience and apply that knowledge to future experiences in their lives.

The Red Arrow

The red arrow represents ENERGY. Energy is needed to commit one’s self to the overall experience, to the learning of the other participants, and to persevering through all of the tasks and reflections. This requires both mental and physical energy. The ultimate goal is to take the learning and apply it to other aspects of one’s life, and this worthwhile application takes great mental energy.