Fees & Costs

100% Free for UConn Student Groups

Our main purpose is to serve the UConn community placing students at the top of that list. We hire and train students to run programs for their fellow students. We believe it is a fantastic peer leader and learning model to follow but also creates ample opportunity to engage with one another as fellow students.

A UConn Student group is any intact group made up of at least 90% active UConn Students. Here are some general student groups we have worked with in the past:

  • Athletic Teams
  • Honor Societies
  • Fraternities and Sororities
  • Culturally Based Organizations
  • Learning Communities
  • Student Staffs
  • Mentor Programs
  • Summer Bridge Experiences
  • Academic Focused Groups

Classification 1: UConn Student Groups

  • Any intact group made up of at least 90% active UConn Students

Classification 2: UConn Affiliated Faculty/Staff/Group/Departments and Programs

  • Official affiliation with UConn typically allowing for payment through KFS

Classification 3: Non-Profit or Non-UConn Affiliated Educational Institutions

  • Would be invoiced as an outside entity (does not have a KFS account)
  • Can showcase Tax Exempt Status

Classification 4: All Other Groups

Overall Cost is determined by the following:

  • Group Classification
  • Number of Participants
  • Total Time of Facilitation
  • Reservation of Space
  • Additional Costs of Inventory/Assessments (MBTI, SQ, etc.)

Since each request is unique, we can discuss the overall cost of your customized program before confirming and moving forward.

General Notes for Consideration:

  • Any combination of experience or facility usage will be discounted.
  • Class 3 & 4 requires a 20% deposit of total cost and is non-refundable if experience is not cancelled in writing within 30 days of the scheduled experience.
  • Size of the group determines the numberĀ of facilitators requires for experience.
  • If a facilitated experience requires an instrument or assessment to be administered, there will be a cost to cover those inventories.
  • Additional costs may occur during off-season months (summer and winter break).