Below are some broad policies we have in place that may inform you about how you or your group interacts with our program.

Weather Policy

There are a few scenarios in which a course will be canceled due to weather:

  1. It will be raining heavily during the scheduled course time;
  2. It will be heavily snowing during the scheduled course time;
  3. It rains or snows heavily the night before the course, soaking the elements to the point where they are unsafe to use;
  4. Weather predictions indicate a large storm that will hit the day of a course;
  5. Lightning is localized  to the course environment.

Four Arrows will make the call to host a program or not due to weather as early as possible. Your group will be contacted if there is any possibility of a cancellation and discuss the options moving forward.

Note: We do still hold programs in light rain and snow if a group is willing to work through the elements.

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason other than "an act of God" you will be held responsible to the following guidelines of cancellation of your program:

  • 1 month Prior to confirmed date of experience - 100% refund of  cost
  • 2 weeks prior to confirmed date of experience - 50% refund of cost
  • Less than 48 hrs prior to confirmed date of experience - 0% refund of cost

Request Process

We require a request to come in no later than two weeks prior to the date intended and much prefer at least a month to plan a program. This time constraint is based off of staffing, gathering the proper information, and invoicing if necessary, and it allows for time to look over forms, fill them out, and return them prior to the date you are to arrive at Four Arrows.

  1. Fill out request form either linked to an email sent our on this site under "Request an Experience"
  2. Four Arrows will acknowledge receipt of the form and begin reviewing
  3. Your group will receive communication of a confirmation or a discrepancy in being able to accommodate your request
  4. If confirmed we will ask you share participant forms with any person attending the program
  5. Four Arrows will communicate with your group multiple times between confirmation and the final date
  6. Arrive at Four Arrows and participate in the planned program

The more time in between your preferred date and the day you put in the request will mean the more likely that date is available.

Food on Site

Outside of personal snacks brought from participants, any organized meal must be confirmed with Four Arrows in order to adequately prepare the schedule to accommodate the group's needs. We do not allow for meals to happen in the middle of a course since this takes away from the experience. Therefore any meal must occur before or after a course.

For those using The Cottage:
Customers must use University Dining Services (University Catering 486-5053 or Movable Feasts 486-9309). Dining Services has the right of first refusal for any event in The Cottage. If Dining Services consents, an outside food source may be used. If you are not using University Catering, a Temporary Food Service Application must be completed. All beverages served must be Coca-Cola products.

Children and Minors

Due to the nature of the activities, the location of our facilities, and the roles of our staff members, we cannot properly care for young children at Four Arrows. As a parent, we expect you to make proper arrangements prior to your arrival to Four Arrows. Any individual who does bring a child will be asked not to participate and to take their children to another location. This is for the safety of all participants, especially the child, and to avoid distraction from the tasks at hand for the participants of the group.

Minors capable of participating in the programs offered will abide by the standards of care in hosting minors at the UConn campus - Hosting Programs Involving Minors

Participant Intake Forms

We require that all participants fill out necessary intake forms. All of these forms can be found on our forms page. These documents are to  identify any risks that you should be aware in participating in the designed program and general information in preparation of attending a program.

Underage participants must have a parent/legal guardian's signature on their forms. If we have an underage participant who arrives at Four Arrows without proper signed forms we may ask that participant to sit out from activities as we assess consent from the legal guardian.

Payment of fees/costs

Any group outside of a UConn Student Group has fees associated with Four Arrow Programs, which can be found on our options and fees page. UConn affiliated groups will be asked to provide KFS information so that we can internally deal with the invoicing process.

For outside entities, we will provide you a total quote with your confirmation. We will send out a proper invoice once the finalized details are completed. You will be required to send an initial deposit to hold the date and then pay the full amount within 30 days post program.