Virtual Program Offerings

General Overview
Typically utilizing Zoom we can bring up to 90 people together in a group to participate in a variety of activities. Our time spent together is around 1 to 1.5 hours as it gives enough time to get into the experience without drastically losing attention spans or dealing with virtual space fatigue.

We do our best to uniquely engage people in ways they haven't in other virtual spaces. We may ask them to get out of the seats and move around, to actively participate in the content whether through annotations, reactions, or verbal statements, and work together to solve problems in smaller breakout groups.

Possible topics or Activities

  • Consensus Building
  • General Icebreakers
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving Initiatives
  • Mindfulness and Awareness
  • Physically Active in your own space

We do our best to customize experiences to your needs. We can always setup a time to chat and check in to see if we can provide the best program for your group.

Considerations for Participating

  • If possible, join using a laptop/computer. Phones are possible but they limit how many people can be on a screen and adds some difficulty navigating some of the activities
  • Be prepared to mute your mic as directions are being given but know we will ask you to unmute and share
  • We ask that people come prepared to have their video turned on if possible
  • Some activities may require standing up and moving a little bit within your own space. Come expecting that to be part of the experience
  • Bring a good attitude, we know all of us have been spending a lot of time in front of screens. We will do our best to make it engaging and different and we encourage you to make the best of the experience