Some factors to consider:

  • If your group has been together a long time and/or has already developed strong leadership skills, we recommend participating in a full Challenge Course.
  • More Time = Fuller Experience

For other questions, please visit our FAQs Page.

Team building with Four Arrows is a customized experience utilizing various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within groups through the completion of collaborative tasks done in an interactive learning environment. Over time, these experiences can enhance organizational development and generally improve the performance of your group as a whole. Our ropes programs infuse team building activities into those experiences but many of the team building components are portable, adaptable, and flexible, and therefore we can offer our expertise to you if our challenge course takes too long or it is not what your group currently needs.

Using the foundations of our missions and the general philosophies of experiential programs, we create effective trainings that are remarkably engaging and that integrate your specific goals, and we will work collaboratively to design and deliver a uniquely dynamic learning experience. Our staff is trained to be effective in leading a large variety of team building activities.

Four Arrows has the ability to host programs on the main Storrs campus or Depot campus with some limitations. If you already have a space that is functional for the programs we can absolutely meet you where that space is, but we would like to discuss that prior to confirming to make sure the space works.