About Land Navigation

Many who have taken on the hobby of geocaching or participated in orienteering activities will find Land Navigation to be quite similar in nature. Land Navigation is the process of using a compass, establishing a pace count, and utilizing the information about distance and degree between two designated points to navigate a predetermined path from beginning to end.

Land Navigation will require groups to exhibit effective communication and teamwork skills in order to guide themselves and their groups to checkpoints and successfully complete the course. After completing navigation, participants reconvene to reflect on the difficulties presented in traversing the paths as a team with nothing but a compass and the help of each other.

Four Arrows is building upon the foundation of previously established paths to open up this experience for groups. On campus or off campus, all experiences are fully customizable to what the group intends to accomplish through participating in this program. Due to the unique nature of Land Navigation, there is no set length of time or specific location we are locked into, and therefore all details must be discussed before confirming a course.

If you are interested in a Land Navigation course please contact us to discuss the opportunity.