Low Ropes

20 Unique Low Elements

A staple of our ropes program and the general foundations in which everything is built upon. At our site there is a wide range of options that allow us to cater to a groups specific outcomes. A few major themes we extract from our low element programs are cooperation, group bonding, creative thinking, problem solving, communication, leadership development, trust building, patience, and planning.


The Beam Low Element


the maze low element

Mohawk Walk

Mohawk Walk Low Element

Ring Thing

Ring Thing Low Element

Swinging Tires

Swinging Tires Low Element

TP Shuffle

TP shuffle with LSAMP

Whale Watch

Dual Whale Watch Low Element


Islands Low Element


Meuse Low Element

Nitro's Crossing

Nitros Crossing Low Element

Spider's Web

Spiders Web Low Element

Team Triangle

Team Triangle Low Element

Trust Stairs

Trust Stairs Low Element

Wild Woosey

Wild Woosey Low Element

Lord of the Ring

Lord of the Ring Low Element

Moby Deck

Moby deck sketch


Porthole Low Element

Swinging Log

Swinging Log Low Element

Team Trolley Traverse

Trolley Traverse Low Element

The Wall

The Wall - Low Element