High Ropes

Our Future Is Here

Nine new opportunities of challenge to further your development as groups and individuals.
Bringing new heights to the available ropes course program. Each new element at our site establishes a varying degree of problems to solve all requiring a group effort to complete.

Our new elements were built by an ACCT accredited vendor who also aligns with the values or our organization

High5 Adventure Learning Center

Pod 1 of High Elements

Climbing Tower Pod 1 front view

Top Down View

Climbing Tower Pod 1 top down view

Climbing Tower

Climbing Tower Element Information

Dangle Duo

Dangle Duo Element Information Image

Pod 2 of High Elements

Holy Cow Pod 2 all elements view

Top Down View

Pod 2 of elements top view

Holy Cow Swing

Holy Cow Swing element information image


Catwalk element information image

Multivine Traverse

Multivine Traverse elements information image

Pod 3 of High Elements

Pod 3 of elements overview image

Top Down View

Group Pod 3 top down view

Burma Bridge

Burma Bridge element information image

Islands in the Sky

Islands in the sky element information image

Voyageur’s Crossing

Voyageurs Crossing Elements information image